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Performing Arts Administration provides business services, promotional management, and general administration for the Departments of Creative Writing, Dance, Music and Theatre.

We oversee all administrative activities including Academic Advising, Academic Personnel, Course Scheduling, Facilities Management, Financial Reporting, Graduate Program Administration, Payroll and Purchasing.

Our offices are located in the ARTS Building, first floor, Suite 121.

Reasey Heang
Financial & Administrative Officer
ARTS 126
(951) 827-5491

Cynthia Redfield
Financial Analyst
ARTS 125
(951) 827-2127

Shellee Kreuter
Financial Assistant
Arts 125
(951) 827-6375

Viviane Baerenklau
Academic Advisor 
Department of Creative Writing and Music
Office: INTN 3033A
E-mail: PAadvising@ucr.edu

Judith Lopez
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Department of Theater, Film and Digital Production and Department of Dance
ART 235
(951) 827-2676

Walk-In and Appointments

  • Walk-ins are limited to 10 minutes
  • Appointments are available for 15 or 30 minutes

Please go here to see available appointment times. Walk-ins DO NOT need to make appointments—students check in at the reception in INTN 3033A (Baerenklau)/ARTS 235 (Lopez) in order to see the Academic Advisor.

Kathleen DeAtley
Program Promotions Manager
ARTS 119
(951) 827-3245

Benicia Mangram
Administrative Coordinator
Creative Writing and Music
ARTS 129

Katrina Oskie
Administrative Coordinator
ARTS 128
(951) 827-3944

Bryan Bradford
Administrative Coordinator
Theatre and CWPA
ARTS 124
(951) 827-5568